Urban Homestead Radio Episode 97: Interview with Nancy & Phil Halpin

September 1, 2020

In this episode Anais interviews Nancy & Phil Halpin.  They share their musical journey and fond memories of the Homestead Hootenanny's.   The Homestead Hootenannies happened every Sunday from 2010-2016.  The hootenannies were magical evenings bringing the community together to create music and lift their voices in song.

In 2016-2017 tragedy struck the homestead hootenanny family.  Rob Sandiford (his wife Elise), Duane Thorin, Tom Fair and Ed Pausic in separate (unrelated) incidents, along with the founder of the Urban Homestead Jules Dervaes Jr, passed away.  These loses are still strongly felt and the Homestead Hootenanny family hasn't been the same since.

Follow NANCY & PHIL at http://www.nancyandphil.com/

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